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Hindi Calligraphy

The oriental aphorism says that the human beauty lies is the beauty of their writing. Calligraphy is an art that can help us present our words in a unique and outstanding manner, making them not only speak, but act from your behalf. That's why calligraphy turned into some sort of a crossing point between drawing and writing.

Date: 4, August 2018

Teacher's Day Celebration

Celebrating World Teacher’s Day has become a tradition in our school. Every year we have different ways to celebrate it and it’s like an unspoken competition in every student council we’ve had (since they are the one who plan the surprises every year) on which school year has the best Teacher’s day surprise.

Date: 5, September 2018

English Calligraphy

Handwriting is an essential skill for children. Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children. It activates the brain and contributes to reading fluency. Good handwriting is important as in the modern world, in all walks of life.

Date: 7, July 2018

Independence Day Celebration

India celebrated her 72nd Independence Day on this August 15, 2018. Mohan International School celebrated Independence Day of India with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour.

Date: 15, August 2018

Rakhee Making

It was a day when young students turned into little artisans, With creativity and colours- red, yellow and cyan. It was a day when celebration of love between brothers and sisters began, And making the best ‘knot of protection’ was the only plan.

Date: 18, August 2018

Extempore Speech Competition

Extempore is the art of public speaking that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity. Oral communication fulfills a number of general and discipline-specific academic functions.

Date: 21, July 2018

Kargil Victory Day

We sleep in our houses without any tension as the soldiers are awake at the borders to ensure our safety. Kargil Vijay Diwas is both a pride inducing moment and a prick in the hearts of millions. It is an important day for every Indian regardless of religion.

Date: 26, July 2018

Earth Day Celebration: Drawing Comptition

The Earth Day celebrations in school began with a special assembly by the students. the assembly revolved around wonderful thoughts and amazing facts about the Earth and its environment.

Date: 21, April 2018

Spellathon (I to IX)

Spellings improve reading and writing fluency; vocabulary and comprehension. Learning and revising spellings helps to cement the connection between letters and their sounds.

Date: 31, August 2018

Hindi Debate Competition

Be confident and well Prepared– Student should prepare well for ‘Debate Topic’ they have been assigned. Do research on the topic, write notes for important points, memorise important topics, do counter preparation, and don’t take the stress.

Date: 29, September 2018

Mother's Day Card Making

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year, dedicated to all mothers .It is celebrated all over the world. Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of children. The students of Mohan Internationsl School were given an opportunity to show their appreciation for their mothers.

Date: 5, May 2018

World Health Day- Sprouts Day

6th April 2018 the students of Modern Early Years celebrated World Health Day. Learning the importance of exercise to eating healthy food was something the students learnt through short story the Exploring Talents enacted for them.

Date: 7, April 2018

Sports Activity

"What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom" At Mohan International School, we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance etc.

Date: 15, December 2018

Inter House Quiz Competition

To boost the knowledge among our little mangalites; an inter-house quiz competition was organized by Mohan Internati on May 11, 2017. The topic for the quiz was ‘summer season’ and the quiz was conducted in a very interactive way.

Date: 1, December 2018

English Recitation Competition

To spread the fragrance of poetry among the children of Middle School, an inter house English poetry recitation competition was organized on 22nd April 2016. This activity was planned to explore and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in children.

Date: 17, November 2018

Father's Day Card Making

Help your child celebrate and honor the most important man in their life with these Father’s Day activities and gift ideas. These creative project ideas provide easy-to-follow instructions that will allow any child to create a handmade gift they’ll be proud to give Dad.

Date: 19, May 2018

Rangoli Activity (V - IX)

Rangolis are something each of us can easily relate to as they signify colour and festivities. Be it any occasion, a family function or a festival, a Rangoli can lift everyone’s mood and can fetch us some quick compliments.

Date: 1, November 2018

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