Unless you are new to the search engine space, you know and understand that Google keeps firing ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’, and ‘Hummingbird’ shots at the websites. This is just to punish those who opt for unethical SEO practices rather than the white hat techniques to violate search results in their benefit.
Panda was rolled out in 2011 with the objective to improve site visitors’ experience, whereas Penguin was introduced a year later in 2012 to prevent violation of Google’s quality guidelines. In 2013, Hummingbird came into limelight to promote semantic searches.
If your website is suffering the wrath of Google, then TecMaestro team can help you recover from the damage. Our SEO experts have spent hours demystifying major Google algorithms and thus they can devise the best plan to help you recover from the penalty. As a Google certified partner, we not only help you reposition your rankings, but also work to improve it further. We follow ethical techniques, and stick to the Google quality guidelines to show results.

Type of Google Penalty Recovery Services

  • Hacked site Penalty Recovery Service
  • User-generated spam Links removal services
  • Penalty recovery in case of thin content with little or no added value
  • Cloaking or sneaky redirects recovery services
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing Penalty Recovery
  • Unnatural/unthemetical links removal for your website

How do you recognise your website has been penalized?

Signs for recognizing that website have been penalized:
  • The website’s ranking has gone down significantly
  • Page Rank for your site has inexplicably dropped from a respectable two or three to a big fat zero
  • The one page ranking you had a day or few days before are slipping back to two, three or four page without any action done at your part
  • Your listing – when you eventually find it in Google – is for a page on your site other than the home page.
  • You are receiving unnatural links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Your entire website has been removed from Google’s cached search results overnight
  • Unable to find your own website on Google -> site: yourdomain.com