At Geek Squares, we can help you to optimize your database, operating system, system application products in data processing and can help you in managing these all things by providing support. If you are frustrated with the issues related all these products, we can help you to overcome these problems so that you can work in proper manner.

We possess a great team of tech experts who are able to solve all kinds of problems. We are available to serve you 24x7. The following services are included in our Managed It services:

Security Services

Monitoring Services

Network Management

DB Management

OS Management

SAP Management

Our tech support is having an extensive experience in this industry. They all are familiar with the issues and can provide you complete support 24x7 to solve the following issues with offering good management services.

OS Management

Configuration and Tuning of the Operating System

Our tech experts can help you in installing and configuring the operating system along with partition and user information.

Hardening of Your Operating System

We can offer you latest security patches & updates. The right user control access will also be completed for your operating system by our technicians.

Security Scan on Servers before commissioning

We will run Security Scan along with the recent version of antivirus to make sure that no threat sneaks into your system.

24*7 Proactive Monitoring of Servers in range

Our Continuous Port Monitoring plus ping monitoring will make you sure that instant email alerts are generated in case of any concern.

DB Management

DB Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting

We can help you in Database Installation, Administration, Management and Upgrade.

Installing Security Patches

Provide maintenance and Security administration for all databases Object creation with management.

Database Tuning

We optimize the database to use the systems and resources efficiently to get the best performance.

Backup & Restoration

We can run a complete, incremental and differential backup and restoration for your system when required.

Network Management

Real time Latency Monitoring Tool

Our in-house built tool will help you to give real-time information for organizing latency and network connectivity issues in a better way by recognizing the main reason immediately.

DDOS protected bandwidth

Our tech support team will help you to be protected against DDOS attacks on your sites resulting in better availability. We also provide you an option to subscribe for hardware based DDOS protection as a service.

Real-Time Monitoring of bandwidth usage

You may choose shared or dedicated bandwidth based on usage. Our URL based monitoring gives trends on peak and average bandwidth usage.

Multilayer configuration of devices

Our tech support experts can help you to configure and run the multitier environments. With the load balancing, we also provide Firewalls with high quality and better security. We also can develop and manage gig networks etc.

Managed Security Services

Proactive mitigation of security threats

Detailed log correlation with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and log analyzer to moderate attacks before they take place.

SOC (System on Chip) Monitoring

We offer the highest levels of security via 24X7 Security operations center for guarantee the peace of mind for CISO.

Real time monitoring

We can provide all events and incident management and monitor health of application on multiple parameters.

Compliance Auditing & Reporting

We can do an audit of your system and offer an automated compliance reports once in a month including details of security concerns & health review.

Monitoring Services

Screen more than 175 applications with 3000+ parameters

OS, Middleware, DB, Email, ERP and various types of applications can be checked. An instinctive dashboard and simple to pick options will help you begin in minutes.

Profound observing including services

Increase Deep visibility into the genuine versus expected execution of your applications, databases, etc. by characterizing and measuring various parameters. This will help you optimize and benchmark better.

SMS and email alarms for instant activity

Several alarms are produced based on the threshold and parameters characterized by the client for the different web applications and databases.

Automated ticket era and proactive resolution

All alarms are naturally checked and explored by us. In the case of abnormal behavior, the client will get a call from our support team to check and resolve the issue.

SAP Management

Wide decision of utilization stacks

Get the coolest scope of OS and open source application stacks, all deployable instantly on our premium equipment.


EMC, HP, IBM - FC, SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network-Attached Storage)

Incomparable network

HP-UX, AIX, Windows Server, Linux (SUSE, RHEL) - Installation Setup, Upgrades, (FSM) File system Management.