Protecting your server from software and hardware failure is a most significant step towards advancing resilience and availability. The server is the heart of your network and it should be properly maintained to function in the proper manner. To avoid the system downtime and loss of your computer data, the software and hardware of the server should be custom-tailored according to the computing needs.

What is the Server Maintenance Service?

The server maintenance services include the process of keeping the server software up to date and running well so that the computer network can operate efficiently. The process also involves the task to review the performance of service, identify the potential security risk, make sure that the automated system monitoring utilities are correctly installed or configured and back up the data on regular basis.

Problems Related To Server

The servers are the crucial component of any business network and when they are installed and maintained properly, they are the backbone of all the organization. Whether the network is small or large, if the server is not maintained or installed properly, it will not run as well as expected. Due to the maintenance failure, the network can also experience partial or total network failure.

  Only the preventive maintenance on the regular basis can keep the application software running as expected and help to avoid a total or partial network failure. In this competitive era, where businesses are relying upon technology, networks and computers, they just can’t afford the downtime. To keep companies/businesses away from the server downtime, we, Geek Squares offering most reliable and skilled Server Installation & Maintenance Services.

Get Server Installation & Maintenance Service

Geek Squares is a leader in providing reliable and cost-effective server maintenance service. With its maintenance services, we also provide support for proper installation. Even if you want to integrate server in your office, we can also provide it at very reasonable prices.

We provide an exclusive range of Server Installation Services with proper maintenance. The complete solutions are rendered by the highly skilled and certified professionals of our team. Our team members can provide you support 24x7 via email, video call, chat or by phone. We are widely appreciated for reliability and instant response.

Our Experts can help you troubleshooting the following problems related to the server:

Examining server logs files

Evaluating hard disk space

Checking folder permissions

Inspecting security features

Installing security software patches

Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems

Checking network temperature applications

Renewing critical service packs and software updates

Updating antivirus software on all computers on the network

Analyzing server logs for security alerts or evidence of computer hacking attempts

Performing regular comprehensive back-ups to ensure that vital data can be retrieved from storage in the event of a system failure