What is Lead Generation?

In the marketing context, the Lead is generally a potential contact of an individual or company that expresses interest in your goods and services. However, the Lead Generation is a process of collecting the names and contact information to develop interest among the targeted audience for particular products and services offered by your company to enhance the sales/marketing leads. The leads can be divided into two parts: (A) Sales Leads and (B) Marketing Leads.

The lead can be generated through various mediums like Telemarketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, Direct Mail etc. The lead generation can work for any kind of business but mostly insurance agencies, educational institute, furniture stores, office supplier etc. use this process to target their key customers. As per the trend, this service will be more effective solution in the coming future for the service oriented companies.

Why Choose Us?

Geek Squares is a clients-driven company that offers its comprehensive range of solutions across the world. We help Small to Large Businesses by providing robust lead generation solutions. We possess a team of experts who help various companies to empower their sales/marketing pipelines via essential interactions. We understand and identify their ideal prospects of the businesses of our clients. We embark on the strategic approach to deliver the powerful outcomes.

In the matter of lead generation, there is no one size that fits all. There are lots of processes or methodologies to target and track the potential customers. So our experts search the powerful resources and use their expertise to implement a unique and robust strategy that will effectively improve your business growth, reach among key customers, the volume of products and quality of leads.

Choosing us would prove to be your one of the best decision as we are:

  • A leader in generating B2B and B2C Sales and Marketing Leads
  • A huge team of highly skilled people who generate specific and powerful leads
  • Develop and accentuate the sales and marketing scripts
  • An expert in following up through outbound calls
  • Providing round-the-clock (24x7) services

Our Work Process

With in-depth knowledge and expertise, our professionals try to know the business object of the companies. Then, according to that and your requirements, they prepared a strategy to optimize your position in the market. After that, they use the most powerful lead generation strategy to improve and increase the revenues. We take follow-ups the emails and calls regularly till the sales/marketing team won’t be able enough to take over again. Finally, a detailed analysis report of the outcomes is presented to help you in understanding the growth of your business and analyze it.

Our Specialization

Now, the Lead Generation has not been only a new form of gaining new business even it has become the latest approach for generating business. So, to keep you a step ahead from your competitors, we generate highly targeted leads via customized database calling. But only those potential people are called who are truly interested in purchasing the goods and services.

We also generate potential leads via effective telemarketing services, product surveys and referral campaigns. With this, our team members help companies in increasing their visibility on search engines through regular online posting on forums, social media sites and blogs. Our experts deeply analyze your product or service in the market and run direct email campaign including developing strong and professional e-mailers to reach out to the more audience in an accurate manner.