A firewall is a network security system which is used to protect the computer and all its operations from external security malware, viruses and threats. It acts as a barrier and keeps the destructive forces (on the internet) away from your information. It also help to keep the system secured by keeping the malicious traffic, viruses, threats out while letting legitimate traffic in.

  It can control the outgoing and ingoing network traffic based on programmed security regulations. It helps in securing the system from hackers who might hack your computer to steal the passwords, credentials, user name, delete the important information and crash your system. You can install any of the firewall in your system according to your choice and run it to keep your system secured from all threats and malicious software or cyber attacks.


Problems with Firewall

With the increased use of internet and its accessibility to the world, one concern that arises in the mind of every user is that the internet security. To have a firewall in your system becomes necessary if you are using the internet. It is the only way to secure your system from the intruders. It is essential to keep your data, networks and devices protected. Yet year by year, the improper configuration or the less use of it is the key contributor in increasing the data breaches and managing this necessary security control could be so difficult and expensive. So if you don’t want your data or information to lose, you must use firewall in your computers. Need Support? We, Geek Squares Is ready to help.

Get Firewall Service & Support

If you are looking for support and service for firewall, Geek Squares is here. We provide complete support for solving all kinds of issues related to it. We also provide its hardware and software program installation and configuration solutions. We can also provide support in keeping this device provisioned, upgraded, deployed and patched on a continual and consistent basis. Our devoted and well managed hardware firewalls are completely secure.
Backed by our skilled and certified technicians, our Managed Firewall Services offer round-the-clock (24X7) support through video call, chat, email and phone. With this, we also offer deployment flexibility, reliability, integrated threat analysis so you can leave all your problems upon us and focus on running your work. Our reliable and cost-effective services provide complete management for all its products.

Our highly efficient tech engineers can help you in following:

Its provisioning and deployment

Its upgrades and configuration, including policy and patch management

Its Security event and appliance health monitoring

Managed appliance backup and restore

Portal-based service reporting

Round-the-clock support via chat, email and phone