A Website’s speed depends on several factors – theme of the website, the content which you post, number of files, and complexity, etc. However, a user always expects speed and efficiency from your website when he/she accesses it. A slow running website, which lags even by a second, tends to lose visitors and goes down on ranking. Doesn’t matter how hard you work to improve your SEO practices, results will hardly improve if you keep ignoring the page speed of your website.

Test your website using Google’s Page Speed Insight tool. If speed is the problem, you have to take an immediate step and hire an agency for quality page speed optimization services.

What exactly they can do to improve the performance of your website?

Image optimization

Websites with multiple images must be optimized for images to reduce the load time. More than 51% of these websites are images which can impact the time consumed by a website to load. Image optimization means reducing the size of images while preserving its quality. It is a critical process that must be managed by an experienced professional. Using open source options and software, they can compress the images while preserving the quality.

Reliable hosting

People usually look for the cheapest way to establish their brand online without even understanding what value it can bring in. Cheap hosting on shared resources is a futile attempt to power up a website. Premium providers of hosting should be the only point of contact if you are concerned about the performance of your website.


The more clutter-free the source code is the better your website will perform. It is the process of eliminating all unnecessary characters from the code. With magnification, the size of a file can be reduced by more than 10%. A number of tools you can use to minify files and reduce the load time of your website.

Your full marketing strategy should always contain page speed optimization as an important step, not an afterthought. Page speed optimization services is not only about improving the performance of your website by reducing the load time, but about giving a positive customer experience. Page speed is critical factor in deciding user-experience as not a single web visitor wants a slow loading website. For this reason, Google and other search engines give weightage to page speed while deciding ranking of a website in result pages. Any leniency towards page speed optimization can wreck your SEO efforts and cost you customers.

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