While dynamic websites are given preference, static websites are back in trend for several reasons. Both large as well as small organizations are showing interest in static websites.

If you are not a tech-savvy, you need to develop an understanding of what dynamic and static websites are. A static website uses only CSS and HTML codes without any complex scripting. Information appears on the page the way it is displayed. In order to make changes, the source code has to be edited and modified accordingly.

On the other hand, a dynamic website has front-end and back-end scripts to host the web pages. The website interacts with the database to serve content. Simply put, a static website has same content while it keeps changing for a dynamic website.

But the question is what is causing this sudden shift in making preferences? There are several reasons which are causing an increase in the demand for static website development services:

  1. Enhanced security

Since there is no intermediary or any database involved, the threat of breach is almost negligible. No dynamic software or plugins are required for hosting. Its dynamic functions are controlled using APIs and JavaScript. So, it remains safe and more practical for use.

  1. Speed and performance

With no database interactions and CMS involvement, static websites are far more efficient in performance than dynamic ones. It also has a greater influence on user preferences as their wait time is reduced by a few seconds. And, in the web world even a second counts.

  1. Cost

There’s no burden on the pocket when it comes to static websites. Since there are only HTML files, they require less space reducing the cost of hosting.

  1. Backing technology

Gone are the days when only dynamic websites were able to feature complex coding for advanced functions. Nowadays, even Magento helps create a static website for businesses. JavaScript based shopping cart can help integrate ecommerce functionalities.

Static sites have really evolved and businesses have got a rather inexpensive option to make an online presence. All you need is to hire a reliable static website designing company in Delhi to get started.

TecMaestro offers the required assistance and support for creating an impressive static website for a noticeable online presence.

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