Top Challenges for Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobility is a boon for modern businesses as it provides an unprecedented way to improve employ performance, organizational processes, customer support and all other crucial aspects. It helps achieve organizational goals by organizing and managing mobile devices, wireless internet connections, and all other mobile computing services useful in the business context.

While it helps solve major organizational concerns, it seems like a game changer for IT administrators. Enterprise mobility brings forth concerns which were nowhere in existence a few years back, when desktops were dominating the business space. As desktops didn’t support any sort of mobility restricting data access from different locations, they were easier to control.

Nowadays, admins feel the pressure to protect their data and stay compliant while app developers work on mobile applications. The development work may be executed internally or outsourced to a third-party to cut internal costs. Whatever method businesses follow for mobile app development, they have to face certain challenges in today’s enterprise mobility arena:

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Mobility can risk data security and it is one of the top challenges faced by enterprises. Like app development, mobile security also needs specialized skills. Enterprises which follow bring your own device (BYOD) model are at higher risk of security breaches than those issuing devices to their employees. Company-issued devices are easier to control as their access can be restricted. Data encryption and robust authentication methods can help ensure security.

App development expertise

Mobile apps require expertise and skills. A number of organizations face difficulty with their app development initiatives due to gap in expertise. Mobile application development is booming and requires a completely different set of skills than traditional IT structures. In reality, there’s a huge lack of skills among organizations. To fill this gap, organizations hire talents either in-house or in the form of a third party service. They may also offer mixed models. This approach is highly beneficial for budding enterprises that need to watch their expenses.

Mobile user experience

When creating apps for enterprise mobility, attention has to be given on user experience. A positive user experience is the key to enhance adoptability of the app. If user experience is compromised, organizations can never expect to gain on their investment they were anticipating.

Creating an intuitive and positive mobile user experience may require extensive research and making a choice between re-structuring existing applications and investing in innovative solutions.

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Mobile application strategy

A robust strategy is crucial to ensure the app will bring expected value to the business. It can begin by mapping the needs and then creating a portfolio of apps to determine they meet the goals of mobile initiatives as well as company’s long-term business objectives. This will also help to conclude which app would be more valuable. In-house or third party developers can help to devise strategy to build mobile apps that would ensure higher returns. Developers can also set standards for consistent app development.

Protection against device loss

Enterprise mobility can be a risk factor when an employee loses his or her device. Hackers may get access to the company’s data. Finding relevant solutions to thwart any malicious activity is imperative. Admins have to keep a close watch on security measure in case of a loss. To stay safe, admins must warn all users to download apps from authentic sources only.

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Enterprise mobility has a highly transformative nature which poses serious challenges for businesses. While business leaders find it challenging to make decagons, companies struggle with the complexities involved with development and implementation. Mobile app solution providers and partners can extend their helping hands and provide support across a diverse area of enterprise development, mobile strategy management as well as mobile application development.

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