Top 5 Trends to Consider For Mobile App Development

As the end of 2017 is approaching, businesses are all gearing up to revise their strategies for the New Year. Like the previous year, mobile app development is expected to receive a phenomenal response in the digital landscape in 2018 as well. This technology is brimming with innovations which businesses are eager to bank upon. Consequently, this trend can take your business to new heights of success. However, in order to outshine the competition, you must be aware of the latest developments being made in the mobile apps world.

Here are the top five developments that can refine your business and that you must be acquainted with:

Mobile Payment Integration

After the digital evolution and increasing trend of online payments, it is the turn of mobile phones for making and receiving payments. More and more popular brands as well as startups are opting for this technology evolution to enable customers pay using their mobile phones. This has led to a rapid increase in the demand for mobile payment integration through apps.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a recent initiative by Google in collaboration with Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and Pinterest to accelerate the speed of mobile pages. It inspires developers to create appealing website and apps with low bounce rate, fast loading speed, and impressive performance across all devices. AMP is an open source project with the intention to make web better for all.

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Smart technology for use

As the focus is on creating smart cities and homes driven by technology, millions of businesses are ready to adopt the latest innovations to make it happen. Smart objects like AC, TV, refrigerator and other appliances are making way into the lives of people. Almost every appliance can be managed with the help of apps. If this was not enough, businesses are counting on the possibilities of using apps for switching off lights in the kitchen or check the home security, irrespective of their geographical location. Also, there are app controlled security tools to watch pets and kids which will trigger huge demands.

Security features

With the increasing use of mobile phones for online transactions, payments and data storage, concerns regarding mobile data security have gone up. Hackers and their unethical activities disrupt online applications leading to data breaches. Therefore, data security has become key focus to cut down the risk of vulnerabilities. In lights of that, you can anticipate an increase in the demand for more controlled and secure mobile app functionality.

Walking on the cloud

Cloud has changed the way people used to see the internet. This has influenced the mobile application development as well. Using cloud technology in mobile application development has plenty of benefits including augmented storage, streamlined operations, enhancement in collaboration and productivity. Therefore, adaptation to cloud technology is a must in order to achieve success.

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Mobile application development has given wings to businesses in 2017 and it will be continuing in 2018 also. As several innovations are gearing up to further transform the digital arena including AR, VR and bots, you have to be well-equipped to outperform and leverage the latest trends in mobile development strategy.