Software Development Company – How to Hire Best Developers

In this digital era almost every organization is going for the website and software to make their work easy and effective. It is not just eases the work but also reduces the human intervention that leads to the reduction in the number of mistakes and the accuracy increases. For developing software we need a team of developers. Hiring developers is a kind of war we can say which is now hotter than ever. As the need of software and website is increasing, the need of developers is increasing too. That has made engineers a king, they ask for more pay and people are happy to pay them, but it is really important for a software development company that they should hire developing superstars. Here we are going to discuss some important points which need to be considered while hiring developers.

Hire Slowly: Hiring employees is a critical process, and it should be given proper time. Every big organization always takes time to hire an employee because searching and hiring A-level employee is really difficult but important too. So they prefer to hire slowly but they hire excellent employees. Suppose you hire A-level employee and they will recommend other A-level employees because they want to work with other excellent employees. But if you hire B-level employees then they will recommend C-level employees because they always have the fear of getting replaced by others, this is the reason why you should hire slowly but A-level employees.

Hire a Team of Avengers: Software and websites cannot be developed by just one person; a team is needed to develop it. Hiring a team of star developers will not help an organization to work effectively. To make our team productive and to do well we need a team of avengers, because software or website cannot be developed by only members who are expert in the same field. It means that we need a team of experts but in different fields, they should be excellent in different fields and that is going to help organizations a lot.

Go for Talent: I have heard a phrase my mother used to say that talent never stays at a place, it keeps on moving to the better place to perform best. An organization should hire talent rather than longevity. Because the longevity will not be as productive as the talent will be, so we should take the advantage of talent as long as the talent is available with us. The organization should always welcome the fresh blood in the organization with better talent and passion. There is a famous line you all would have heard that “It is better to rent gold rather than buying silver“. So if you want to increase the productivity of your team and to make them perform better then you should search for gold rather than silver.

Team Player:  For a team it is really very important that everyone should respect each other’s skill. No one wants to feed the ego of fellow team member. While hiring a developer there are two important parts which has to be considered the skill we want to hire as well as the behavior of the person. We have to check that whether he/she will be fit in the team or not. The employee should be team player and should also respect others ideas to perform a work. A team cannot bear a fellow who thinks that his/her idea is the only way to work upon. The skill and the behavior are equally important.

Use your secret weapon:  For the companies who are just started have more challenges and coders love challenges. Being a startup we give coders ample of chance to grow and code much. People always love to get the importance and preference in the organization they work. Startups give them that importance and preference too. Developers love to code and they would be given ample amount of work to perform and a chance to learn from the challenges, because more will be the challenges, the more a person learns. Developers do not get that chance in the big companies because they are already on height and they cannot assign a big share of work to a single developer.

Challenges: What Developers love: Big Companies and giants are good at paying a great package but bad at giving job satisfaction. For coders and developers, challenges give them satisfaction, they love to take risk, work more and find out the answers, this is what they can get in the startups.  Coders and developers do love challenges and that gives them the job satisfaction.

Open Source Companies get helped: Open Source companies always take advantage of the coder’s passion. They are open source because they always welcome new ideas and changes in their product. That is more effective because they coders do it for their passion and interest. It helps them to get better codes as well as great products.

These are points which have to be considered while hiring developers. It helps organization to do well and get better product. It not just makes your client happy but also increases the organization credibility.

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