App developers have one preferred destination for all work display – Google Play Store. This store features millions of apps with thousands of additions being made every day. As the store is getting saturated with so many category and variety of apps, this creates a tough environment for android developers to make their presence felt. However, achieving and maintaining success in the Google Play Store becomes easier with these tips:

  1. A robust strategy

Every work done under a robust strategy concludes with success. Same holds true for app development. App development is not only about coding, but interface designing is also an important aspect. The roadmap of the app must be made in a solid way to provide ultimate user experience. In fact, the app must be future ready and created to match the upcoming technology demands. Above all, the app must be designed to deliver supreme functionality to receive good ratings on Play store.

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  1. App testing

Like Google search engine, Play store has its own rules and algorithms to let certain apps float up on search. Apps which provide better user-experience are privileged. This requires testing compulsory before submitting any app in Google Play Store. Testing apps for all sorts of devices to ensure consistent user performance is crucial to achieve success.

  1. Compatibility

Testing phase is important for analyzing the compatibility of the app. With compatibility, it means the app must run fine on different Android OS versions as well as all screen sizes. Testing the app with a device that offers both higher and lower resolutions can help ensure the work has been done well.

For Android OS, testing app’s compatibility with lower versions is crucial. As you get advanced with the app, you can consider adding more features for higher versions. This will enhance compatibility of the app while simplifying the work process.

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If you are creating an app for a particular device, work for that one only. However, this would limit the reach of your app.

  1. Staying in trend

Everything that remains in trend is taken up by consumers. So all Android developers should follow the latest trend. While appealing to users, it will also secure success of the app performance on Play store. You have to be well-equipped with the latest technologies to create apps which are high in demand. Expressive, appealing and high-functionality apps make end-users more comfortable with its usage which ultimately decides its performance.

  1. Marketing strategy

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Android developers, your work should revolve around the marketing strategy followed by your company or the client. It is crucial for businesses to have an insightful marketing plan to reach out to customers and stay in touch with them. One of the crucial strategies could be to create an app that is compatible to all major devices facilitating better customer reach, which is crucial to survive the competition. Another plan could be to reach the target customers by providing free apps and then releasing add-ons as required. This could create significant results for businesses and app developers.

While these points will help ensure success, you have to devote time to find other ways which can work in your app’s favor. At TecMaestro, we can help you get a foothold in the market by developing apps under a proved strategy.

All luck!

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