An eCommerce site that is successful in winning customers’ attention happens only when you sweat on even the minutest of details while testing, with a good understanding of human psychology.

Testing includes how do people see, and use your site, and it clearly helps to conclude what works for your site. You can also begin with the conversion studies while designing your website for a better outcome.

Despite paying enough attention, people often fail to achieve their objectives. This is because they end up making a few eCommerce design mistakes that complete ruin the experience. Here are 5 common mistakes that you should avoid at any cost:

No clear value proposition

Your value proposition is the most essential thing to help customers decide why they should choose you, and not your competitors. Unfortunately, many eCommerce websites fail to maintain a good value proposition. Not only that, but they also had difficulty communicating what they actually sell.  Consequently, buyers can’t figure it out and they are most likely to leave.

Improve your value proposition by adding following points:

  • A creative yet impressive headline that promises value
  • Body copy explaining why you are different
  • Additional advantages like free shipping, etc.
  • Images to create a strong desire among buyers

Not proper utilization of quality images

If you are selling goods that buyers choose based on its looks, then the kind of visuals you use is incredibly important. The kind and quality of image you use actually gets a potential buyer to think how that product would look like in their hands. Therefore, it persuades them to take a prompt action. If you feel that your eCommerce site is lacking in the image part, work on it immediately.

Fallacious product descriptions

For online shoppers, product descriptions play an important role in helping them make an informed decision. It provides them good knowledge of the products turning them into a trusted buyer. However, there are still many ecommerce store owners who give a skip to product descriptions, hence bear the brunt.

Update the product descriptions if you have not done yet to make more happy customers.

Lack of trust factor

Competition in the online world is rather tough. In order to make your customers believe you and choose you over the competition, you have to win their trust. As your website is the face of your brand, it should reflect your willingness to offer high-quality services. Design of a website plays a crucial role in building trust. Think from your customers’ perspective to make required design changes to gain trust of your customers.

No visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy makes it easier to navigate through your website. If it is not there, buyers simply move on to a competitor. The use of Fitt’s law is helpful – the law states that larger items draw visual attention and hence are more clickable. Therefore, make important elements larger to stand out of the rest.

Think as a customer, what excites them or what causes them to move on to someone else. Integrate every element that makes your website user-friendly and you will surely be able to generate more sales.

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