eCommerce Web Design Trends

2017 witnessed amazing trends in eCommerce designing which will continue in 2018 also with a tint of awesomeness. In fact, the New Year is filled with promises to surprise everyone with the elements of interesting graphics. While no one can predict the exact trend, veterans can conclude some of the interesting elements that would make an impact. In order to prepare web professionals ready for challenges, industry maestros at TecMaestro have summarized a few trends:

  1. Mood interface

With hyper-personalized products and services being available, consumers’ expectations have increased. The tech industry is not unaffected by this trend and they are looking forward to bring mood-sensing to product interface. This innovative idea can help create highly intuitive and curated experience for consumers who are typically inundated with options. Using human mood for the interface design is an innovative way to design interfaces. Due to this website design trend, web interfaces will become much more personal.

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  1. Cinemagraphs

While gif images kept users crazy in 2017, the following year will intrigue them with interesting cinemagraphs. They are still photos with a minor, repeating movement of secondary elements to give a real-life feel. It can remind users of a magical world. Designers can use the effect in creating interesting websites with moving photos which can trigger engagement.

Using cinemagraph as a background or complementary feature can make the website a lot more interactive. This trend is going to be immensely popular in the coming year. It would be good to say that this feature can completely transform the eCommerce web design trends.

  1. Relevant images

No website can ever be imagined without images and the trend would continue in 2018 also. Business relevant photos of the highest quality will impress users than ever. It can be used in a website’s background, product demonstration or others. These visuals can enhance the overall look and feel of a website making it unique and digitally presentable. For a better viewing experience, images can be broken into several parts to make the web space look logically arranged.

  1. Storytelling through videos

Nothing can be better than videos to convey complex information for evoking emotions. The amount of videos watched by users rises every day and hence the web space is flooded with more and more videos to keep users engaged. As e-commerce websites cannot perform without user engagement, they integrate more video elements to their website design, thus giving rise to this trend.

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All major eCommerce sites lead the way by adding videos to their product detail pages.

  1. Elements to guide users

Asking users about specific features and usages to help then buy specific products constitutes guided selling. Search boxes, filter options, fitness product selector or garment selector and other options can help users find specific products with much ease. This trend is already popular, but it will become more common in 2018.

  1. Microinteractions

In eCommerce, micro interactions can help reward users for taking specific actions which can encourage them to repeat their actions again. It could include rewarding users for adding products to their cart, reviewing a product or subscribing newsletter. They play an instrumental role in promoting certain actions by customers. Microinteractions as simple as a thank you message can help form a habit loop.

  1. Emphasizing functionality over looks

If the functionality of an eCommerce website is not good, users can leave immediately. Through customization and personalization, designers can add extreme functionality to a website. It could include easy product searches, seamless navigation, a clear call to action and hassle-free payment option.

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This is not the end, but the eCommerce web design trends can encompass many such elements to impress and engage customers for better ROI. TecMaestro can help businesses and customers make the most of online retailing.

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