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PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), open source general-purpose scripting language, is not a new term in the world of website development. This is one of the most popular platforms for server-side website development and can be easily embedded into HTML. The popularity has increased even further after the introduction of PHP 7 in 2015. This version of PHP offers some really cool features in terms of affordability, security, and turn-around time. For this reason, companies as well as users are opting for PHP website design and development.

The popularity of this programming language will increase further with time because of the following reasons:

PHP is Free

Free and easy to use, PHP is an open source language offering a vast array of amazing documentation. Thus, provides the most cost-effective medium to create website that can take over the entire world without suffering from the legal obligations or subscription charges.

PHP is Simplicity at Its Best

PHP offers a simple programming language with codes that are similar to writing instructions in English. The code instructs the computer to create and run a website efficiently. Creating a code using PHP is simple and it also allows the code to be highly personalized.

PHP Goes Really Well with CMS

Adaptive content is the latest trend which has made CMS customization a crucial need for businesses. With adaptive, it means content personalized for individual website visitors – sign-in, visitor history, etc. This is to create a one-to-one experience for visitors. However, it is possible only when the code is customized and integrated with the CMS.

PHP imparts amazing flexibility to any website, allowing developers to modify it at their will. Developers can customize any website and transform it to meet the individual requirements of their customers. Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress as well as others are based on PHP. Hence, modifying and integrating a CMS solution to any website is easier like never before.

Platform Diversity

What is like boon for developers is that codes created in PHP can run on all major platforms, which makes it easier for developers to integrate to any platform as clients demand. This is actually beneficial for businesses by allowing them to leverage all existing technology, infrastructure and platforms, cost-effectively. PHP performs well on platforms like Windows, Unix and Linux, and offers the additional ability to interface a website with MySQL and Apace.

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Powerful, Flexible and Scalable

One of the most popular and powerful social media platforms, Facebook runs on PHP. Everyone is familiar with this social platform, its vastness and scalability. This clearly shows how powerful, scalable, robust and flexible PHP can be. Comparing it with other programming languages, PHP’s biggest advantage is that a website’s code can be modified and updated without calling for a server reboot.


As already discussed, PHP is highly scalable open source programming language that allows developers to customize extensions to cater to merging needs of businesses.

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PHP is popular also because of several other reasons – cost-effectiveness, embed-ability, exceptional performance and others. This also increases the demand of services offered by a PHP development company.

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