If you want to create or maintain your brand identity, you need to stay relevant. Not following the latest Modern Design trends could be unnecessarily expensive for the credibility of your brand. You may be at the verge of losing competition.

Modern design trends are defined by the both the factors – what has happened and what would happen.

Keeping a close watch on the past as well as future anticipations is crucial. Modern designs trends are going lively, slowly drifting away from the stoic trends of minimalism, monochromatic layouts and flat designs. Bold and bright colors, playful shapes, lively gradients and creative illustrations are bringing depth and dynamism to designs.

Here’s a list of things that must be on your chart if you want your designs to look trendy:

Dramatic typography

Want to control a user’s attention and control space at the same time? Use big, bold typography – increase the size and bolden the stroke – to create an impact.

Throwback colors

Energetic yet subtle and friendly yet edgy color tones win the preferences. Neons, bold primaries, and contrasting combinations are in vogue.

Minimized icons

While colors and typography are becoming bolder, icons are becoming smaller. Clean, thin icons rely largely on symbolism for information transmission. Plenty of sleek icons are available to follow the latest design trend.

Quirky elements

Plain and boring illustrations have gone old. They are being replaced by quirky design elements to attract web visitors and boost a brand’s identity. Designing creative now demands an artistic approach while considering a brand’s objective. Nowadays, art styles are used to convey brand message.


Different from regular GIFs, cinemagraphs are still images with minor elements moving in them to make a simple image appear realistic.

3D images and animations

3D technology have really changed the way websites and graphics are designed. You could use 3D still images or add a little animation to grab users’ attention. Simple animations would also serve the purpose.

Use of shapes and patterns

While images have played an eminent role in enhancing the overall look and feel of a website, modern shapes and patterns are going to change the trend. Shapes or patterns with a soft shadow can enhance the visual appeal dramatically.

Unique elements and parallax

The visual presentation matters a lot. Try using unique elements to a website. Using layered parallax or a video parallax can make the big difference.

Aside from the above mentioned elements, use any design elements that you feel can make a major visual impact.