Mobile App Marketing – Best Strategies & Practices

With the digitization of services, technology has skyrocketed in the past few years providing users with an opportunity to reach out to their customers through mobile apps. There are all sorts of apps to perform everything – from shopping and finding restaurants, doctors to health monitoring, education based, news apps and many others. With so much in store, there are chances when people turn on an app before having their cup or tea or coffee.

Apps play a great role in helping consumers familiarize with the world surrounding them. They bring all information to their mobile screen which can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere. However, a lot of marketing effort is required in order to let the app reach the target customer base. App marketing is a broad term which encompasses techniques to bring an app to the limelight.

There are multiple ways followed by businesses to enhance in-app engagement through Mobile App Marketing. The entire process can be categorized into three segments:

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Pre-launch best practices:

  • Outstanding UI/UX

UI and UX are two sides of the same coin – both go in parallel to provide an exception user-experience. While UI refers to the technical design aspects, UX refers to the kind of experience users will get through it.

An app can trigger engagement only if its UI/UX is exceptional. Therefore, this aspect has to be considered for mass engagement.

  • User interface

An app’s icons and its user-interface persuade customers to take a desired action. As the first point of contact is the user interface, it must be designed to be impressive. It is the best practice that app developers and businesses can follow to attract customers.

  • More integrated payment methods

In 2017, mobile-generated revenue hit all-time high which is expected to go further in 2018. This clearly means that businesses need to give more attention than ever to mobile payments.

A variety of payment options including Credit Card, Debit Card along with PayPal and others would be great in bringing convenience to mobile payments. This would also help enhance customer experience.

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  • Spreading awareness

If an app dies in the dark, then all efforts go in vain. Therefore, it is crucial to spread words around the app and let customers know about it. Press release can be a great method to familiarize customers with the app launch understand its unique features. It would be wise to announce the app launch date with this PR.

Post-launch mobile app marketing:

  • Promotion through advertising channels

Immediately after the release of app, advertisement about the app should be considered. Businesses should advertise about their app through online and offline media to let the news spread widely. Better advertising media and aggressive marketing can enhance the chances of success.

  • Marketing through influencers

Influencers are people who have influence over potential buyers, and they can create visibility for the app over the web. Influencer marketing is a broad term in which all marketing activities are devised around these influencers. Interesting blogs, content on social media channels, guest posts or a combination of all these activities can help market the app.

  • App store optimization

Many of the users also come across apps through app store searches. Therefore, app store optimization is crucial to let the app float up in the app store research result. The higher the rank, the better the visibility of apps for downloading.

  • Deep linking and app indexing

Deep links are app URLs which are defined in apps to ensure that a specific app page opens when users click on it. In simple terms, deep linking is to open an app through URL. On the other hand, App Indexing is about making app searchable from Google (Mobile Browser).

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