Using your website to sell can generate huge profits. As people are mostly searching online, you can open an online store and sell globally with low overhead. Here get 10 Most Common E-Commerce Mistakes.

However, it is not as smooth as it reads. Simply starting an eCommerce website will not help. There are many things that may go wrong and that require contingencies, which you may often ignore.

Below are 10 of the most common e-commerce mistakes that you should avoid at any cost:

Choosing the wrong eCommerce platform

Selecting the right eCommerce platform is the most crucial step. If you make a mistake, your efforts will be a complete waste. Selection should be made in accordance with the business requirements and user experience. You can choose Magento, PHP and others to simplify things.

Insufficient product images

Images play a major role in driving sales online. If there are not enough images on your website, consumers may not be able to truly understand the products you are selling. For instance, if you are offering a product, ensure you post pictures in all available colors and images from multiple angles for better demonstration.

Incomplete product descriptions

Products descriptions provide crucial information about the products sold on your website. Users want complete information – size, quality, material used, length, height, weight, how it works, etc. depending on the type of product.

Difficult checkout process

Customers want easy checkout options after the purchase has been made. Keep it simple to ensure customers do not leave your website after adding products in their card due to complicated checkout.

No trust factors

Online transactions require trust. You need to enhance your website’s trust factor by adding:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • Refund/exchange policy
  • SSL certificate


Ignore mobile design

Mobile is the future as it has been established that people now use mobile for most of their online activities. Ignoring mobile design of your desktop website can cost you more than you can think.

Limited payment and shipping options

Consumers like to have options for making payments and in shipping methods. Offer a variety of shipping methods and payment options to turn them into repeat customers. After all, you can’t take a risk of losing them to your competitor.

Poor site navigation

Poor navigation can discourage your customers. Too many font types, difficult to find crucial information, and a complex design can all lead to customer frustration. They can leave without purchasing. Keep your site easy to navigate and use.

Not exhibiting reviews

If you are not showing genuine reviews posted on your website by old customers, you are actually losing your customers. User reviews and comments build customer trust and help them make a purchase decision.

No social media

Social media is the latest trend. Not only it helps promote your business, but also ensures customer engagement and retention. Maintain a loyalty in the eyes of your fans, followers and customers by making a social media presence. However, use the platform cautiously.

Being an ecommerce business, you have to keep a watch on various other things to achieve success and overcome competition. So, make sure you do not make such mistakes. Choose the best website design and web development company in Ghaziabad to help you in the endeavor.