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With the advent of the internet, ways of shopping has changed significantly. Instead of visiting brick and mortar stores for products of their choice, shoppers love to do online shopping for the products of their choice. They love to shop from the comfort of their home and hence prefer online shopping. In fact, with online shopping, they also get the surplus opportunity to compare products and their prices at various stores before finally making a purchase.

Seeing this shift in shopping preferences, retailers too have shifted their focus from setting up an offline store to an online shop on a user-centric platform. The most common problem faced by retailers in setting up an eCommerce store is choosing the right platform where users can shop with convenience. While there are many popular eCommerce platforms available in the market, Magento is one of the most widely accepted platforms for its extensive SEO and user-friendly features along with striking functionalities. Since it is an open source platform, it is convenient for developers and store owners to modify the source code according to personal requirements.

So, if you are looking your own eCommerce store, choose a Magento development company for the job. Magento provides some remarkable that can give your eCommerce store an edge over the competition. Here’s why Magento makes an ideal choice for your business:

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Ease of use

Magento is a simple and clear platform that allows you to display your products on the product page conveniently. Additionally, it facilitates easy navigation across the website so that your customers can search for the products of their choice conveniently and enjoy their shopping. Apart from that, zoom-in ability, multiple product pictures and product reviews are other features that make Magento user-friendly.

Scalability and flexibility

Of course, you want your store built as per your requirements and Magento lets it happen. This ecommerce platform offers amazing scalability so that developers can modify the source code to integrate features that fit your business requirements. As the platform is highly scalable, developers can make changes very easily.

Magento is also one of the highly flexible Content Management System (CMS) that allows customization a lot easier. Developers can customize the look and feel of the eCommerce store for an incredible customer experience. Not to forget, it is responsive too.

SEO friendly

Magento is also popular among retailers for its search engine friendliness. As it has tons of amazing SEO friendly features, you don’t have to put much efforts in optimizing the eCommerce store to enhance its search engine visibility. Magento allows to easy structure URLs, Meta tags for category, products as well as content pages, and XML sitemaps, pagination, no-index, no-follow commands etc. using the admin dashboard. Server-side changes are not required.

Supported globally

Magento comes equipped with support for multiple languages, currencies and taxation. Also, there is a configurable list of countries for certain features like European Union VAT-ID validation EU cookie notification, to name a few. So, if you want to display your products among international customers, Magento makes a great choice as you don’t have to worry about incorporating international support.

Mobile eCommerce

A recent modification has integrated HTML5 to Magento, making it suitable for responsive mobile eCommerce stores. So, you can also target mobile phone users through your Magento based eCommerce store.

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Magento also offers many other advantages such as better security, integration of third-party software, easy product management and a lot more. It is therefore one of the most preferred choice for setting up an eCommerce store that facilitates convenient purchasing. Above all, it is highly affordable and works with every budget.

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