Those who belong to the world of digital marketing believe that “content is king” in all internet marketing initiatives. When it comes to building a robust marketing strategy for the digital marketplace, nothing can be done without content curation. The main purpose of content marketing is to attract and engage customers and deliver brand value in the process. With the increasing competition, there are already a number of players in the marketplace striving hard to grow.

Brands have turned into publishers and hence there is a proliferation of content on all digital channels. Millions of content pieces are shared on the web every day with the intention to gain customer attention. Creating content around your brand is one of the favorite tactics used these days to generate awareness. You are known today not only by your products and services, but your unique brand story. It’s the content that helps craft a story around your brand and drive customers to your site.

In order to succeed, you need the help of some content marketing tools that will help you boost customer engagement.

Keyword Planner

Search engines results are based on some keywords used by web visitors while surfing the net. If your content doesn’t appear on Google when customers enter a keyword similar to your services, then it’s a problem. Either your choice of keywords may be poor or there may be optimization problem. For keywords, you have Google Keyword Planner that helps you find the perfect keywords, around which you need to optimize your content. This tool is suggested also because it is connected to Analytics and included in AdWords.


Any marketing initiative doesn’t offer value if executed without proper planning. It’s just a waste of time and resources. Trello offers free of cost solution to all your content marketing requirements from ideas to publishing calendar for an entire week or month. It helps you streamline your content marketing initiatives and enables you to collaborate with your team on real-time feedback around what you create.


If you are short of ideas, take help of BuzzSumo. The tool is immensely popular in the content world for understanding what types of articles actually get the highest numbers of shares. This is also helpful if you want to find the most shared content and the influencers. Nevertheless, you get limited features and offerings with the free version. If you are ready to spend, you will get more value indeed.


In today’s world, where social media has the highest number of sharing, your content must have the visual appeal to mark an impact on the viewers. Over the years, all major social sharing platforms have raised the value of content with visual appeal. This is where Canva can help you. It lets you incorporate impressive designs in your content – infographics, posters, flyers, etc. Simple design software, it offers you an extensive library of templates and assets.

There are other tools as well, which you can use to enhance your content for better customer engagement. Just choose one based on their features and functionalities they have to offer.

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