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The extensive growth of ecommerce over the years has encouraged many businesses to launch their brand online. Seeing the flourishing ecommerce trend, cybercriminals have come in action, causing serious data breaches and losses to online vendors. In this light, ecommerce security has become of topmost concern and must be considered in parallel with ecommerce website design services.

Every year the impact of cybercrime is increasing tremendously. While ecommerce businesses try hard to stay safe and provide a secure means of transaction to customers, they often end up losing a share of their profit. The loss of customer data is yet another damage. These businesses need to follow modern and compliant security measures to stay protected always.

Despite the increased cases of cyber-attacks, there are best practices that you can adopt for your online store to maintain the integrity of your ecommerce business.

Here are important tips to stay secure online:

  1. Secure platform

Your online store remains safe if it features a secure ecommerce platform. Thanks to the technology that you have got multiple options to choose from for a secure online business. Magento is one of the most trusted platform for e-selling. Why? Because, it has got sophisticated security features which safeguard your business from malicious attacks. A secure platform coupled with advanced security measures like regular scanning of server to maintain compliance is the way to stay safe.

  1. SSL Certificate

Every web user who wants secure online transactions is aware of SSL certification. It is a way of authenticating user data while they are navigating through the store or checking out. For your ecommerce business, implementing SSL is crucial to secure the communication between the online store and the end-user system.

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Financial transactions are at greater risk when using public networks. Data transferred through public networks is extremely vulnerable. Using VPN is the secure way to process as it connects to a secure offsite server through an encrypted connection. This saves from any malicious attacks during the transaction process.

  1. Two-factor authentication

Generally, a combination of username and password is used by all ecommerce store and you would also consider the same. However, keeping it two factor – means, sending a onetime code in real-time to the user’s registered mobile number can secure the transaction. This way of authenticating users can also prevent frauds which happen through hacked accounts.

  1. Awareness

Well-informed and aware team and users stay protected and help others remain safe. Ask your team to follow the best security practices and flaunt the same on your website for users’ information.

Your search for ecommerce website development services should always begin with the security of your online store. An ecommerce website is much more than an online business, it is a responsibility to provide a secure marketplace to your customers while not falling prey to online predators. Your knowledge and efforts regarding safety of your business can pay well in time.

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