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Businesses operating online must have a website to attract and engage with their customers. However, most of the customers leave a website soon after the URL opens. Why? This is because they have a trust issue because of the website’s design. Therefore, your business website must be created to connect with your customers. A well-built website with a user-friendly interface, attractive and intuitive design is essential to trigger engagement and increase conversions. Choose insightful web design services to make it happen.

Here are five basic things that your graphic and website designer must take into account while designing an impressive website:

  1. Clean design

Digital world has embraced simplicity. Users do not want to spend their time understanding a design that seem alienated to them. Clear display of pictures, menu and call to action button trigger conversion.

Don’t confuse simple with boring – focus on essentials and use interesting graphics with bold use of colors to make it look appealing. You can also try to look a little funky, depending on the theme of your website.

  1. Easy navigation and clear call to action

If users find it easier to get around your website, they will spend more time browsing through products and finally making a purchase. While you might be tempted to do something unique and make suspense with the menu buttons, users may not like the idea and leave your website immediately. So, instead of testing their patience, make them feel comfortable when they land on your website.

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Make sure the call to action remains highlighted on every page urging them to take an appropriate action.

  1. Speak more with less

Make optimal use of texts and graphics to not impose a feel of being cluttered. Explain your business with strong call to action and integrate a blog section to regular update your users about your business and website. Let the comments pouring in.

  1. Use easy to read fonts

Ditching dull and boring font doesn’t mean that you use one that users find difficult to read. Choose one that is visually balanced and appealing to leave an impression on your customers. You can also try to be playful with that if selling kids products.

  1. Use videos for demonstration

Whenever possible, make use of videos to demonstrate your products and services in an interesting way. Texts and graphics can be impactful, but videos are liked more by web visitors. Make sure your video plays across all devices smoothly. Also, provide options to share those videos on social media and video sites to trigger mass engagement.

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While you pay attention to the visual part of your website, do not ignore the functional aspects of it. Hire quality services to develop responsive web pages in order to make it all device-friendly. It is crucial as most of the sales take place from smartphones and tablets. Also, use SEO friendly web design to rank well on Google and gain visibility.