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As more and more people are turning into smartphone users, the demand for apps has increased manifold. This had led to a drastic increase in the number of apps available on Google Play Store with innumerable apps being added to the store every day. Roughly estimating, there are over 3.5 million apps on Google Play Store, most of which are free to download. This is a huge crowd and making your app stand out from the competition seems strenuous.

What to do then?

In this cutthroat Android apps market, it is crucial to plan a strategy that gets your app promoted to the first place on Google Store. If you are aiming high, you have to keep your eyes on a few points:

Title and description

Your app must get a suitable title for easy identification. In addition, it must have a relevant description added to it. Mind that the words you use to name and elucidate your app will be indexed by Google Play Store’s search engine. Keep the thinking of a user while naming and describing your app. Think what would they type in to search for your kind of app. Use those phrases as keywords while writing app description.

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Always remember that you write title and description for users’ information. So, write clearly, concisely and in a way that appeals to them.

Give a preview

Add screenshots to generate curiosity among users. It is also mandatory when you provide your app metadata. 2 or more will do fine. They will be displaced on the details page on Google Store.

If you want good results, select the best portions of your app to make impactful screenshots. Colorful images, smart titles or engaging content would be great for the purpose.  Crop off the navigation buttons from the bottom of the screenshots to make it more customer-friendly.

Feature graphic

Graphics assets are used to highlight and promote your content on Google Store. Without “feature graphic” your app will not be featured in Google Play. As you get featured, chances of being found becomes higher.


Promo videos are great for promotional purpose. Even a link to a YouTube video for better promotions. Use videos to showcase your app’s best features and most interesting content. Video will be displayed below the screenshots.

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Here are a few tips for Android app developers:

  • Make APK smaller: Smaller APK (Android Application Package) are installed more.
  • Create an original mane: Don’t choose a name which is the variant of an existing and famous app.
  • Design for tablets: If you create apps for tablets, then they get the designation of “designed for tablets”. This is a rather new feature of Google Play Store, created to enhance the visibility of app.
  • Helpful anchor text: Your app must get a helpful anchor text from the news outlet for linking. Work with writers to write something interesting yet meaningful and relevant.
  • Create loops for user engagement: Get user reviews (in-app reviews could be an option) and integrate Google store’s game service.

Nothing beats good user experience when it comes to creating Android apps. Apps created and tested for all these points rank well on Google Play. If you need help, TecMaestro can help you do so. A conglomerate of Android app aficionados, we create apps to appear on top of apps search engine.

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