Cost Incurred in Android App Development

The count of Android apps on app store is more than 1.5 million, which also indicates the growing popularity of these apps among the users. Mobile are no longer used for entertainment only, but for business and other purpose as well. To businesses, apps provide a convenient medium to reach out to their target customers. Considering the wide reach of these apps, it has become a norm among businesses to stay in contact with customers through mobile apps.

Not every company has the infrastructure facility and technology solutions to build an Android app in-house. They rely on development services offered by specialized teams to build an app that can help their business in the most significant way.

Cost remains a considerable factor regarding Android application development among businesses. If you are an enterprise and have an app idea, you need to consider a few factors to decide on the cost. Type of app, its size, content, support, maintenance and features, etc. are some of the crucial points to think upon. The cost of hiring an offshore company also influences the budget. You can make an average estimation by taking all these factors into account.

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Resources spent in building Android app

Most of the apps feature similar attributes and cost elements. However, whenever an app requires integration of paid tools, it can incur additional charges. Android games and other apps which require robust security features and incorporate intricate functionalities cost more than an average app.

Cost divisions:

Developer’s compensation

Hiring a developer means you have to pay them. On an average, the rates vary from $5 to $10 per hour, depending on the developer’s skills and area of expertise. If you are hiring on monthly basis, the cost will be calculated accordingly.

Requirement gathering

You need plenty of resources to develop an app successfully. User’s requirements may be huge, so you need to gather resources accordingly. Surveys and campaigns can help to understand users and what they expect from your kind of an app. This will also help you hire a team with the right skill set.

Actual development

Actual development also includes the initial designing phase. UI and UX of the app must be designed by a professional and the cost also includes their remuneration. After the designer has done its part, developer spends time on creating and adding functionalities to develop an interactive app. this could also include the cost of buying appropriate licenses.

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You would not want to release an app that is full of bugs, so you have to spend on testing also. Third party testing services can help. When the app is ready, you have to spend on its submission to the App Store. This would incur charges.

Marketing budget

You have to create awareness among your customers about your app. Marketing budget may include spending on promotions through online and offline mode by CPM, CPI, etc.

Other factors which can have an impact on the cost:

  • Duration of app development
  • Genre
  • Nature of the app – native or hybrid
  • In-house development and outsourcing
  • Features and functionalities

You can easily determine the cost of an app based on these factors. For additional help, you can ask for a quote from a trusted Android development company outlining the price of each component or stage of app development.

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End note

Several factors come into play when deciding the cost of an Android app. The cost may go up or down depending on the complexity, type and the platform it is being developed on. Specialized app developers can give an approximate estimation of the cost based on your requirements.

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