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The days of table heavy website designing have gone long ago. People now prefer table less websites due to the accessibility and flexibility it has to offer to all web developers and users. Once very popular, the HTML table based website designing has lost its charm and charisma. There are various risk factors associated with table based designs.

Nowadays, everyone prefers a to avoid various complicated and intricate codes. Here below, Some serious benefits of table less website design discussed blow. Let’s begin:

Faster to Load

Table less websites are faster to load than a website with lots of tables. This is the main benefit why people prefer table less website design. When a website has a higher load time, it loses the interest of viewers who then leave the site to visit another. Means, it increases the likelihood of losing customers or visitors. But, with a table less structure, plenty of needless files are removed, improving the overall performance and user experience.

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Less Complicated

Websites with tables are highly complicated and intricate with clumsy codes. With table less structure, the design remains neat and clean, no complicated codes and hence less complex. This thing is also great for web designers and developers as they don’t have to put much effort and time in changing codes if required later on.

SEO Compatible

A table less structure also improves the SEO compatibility of a website. Carrying fewer lines of codes as compared to complex tabular structure, it grabs the attention of engine crawlers to boost up website visibility. Websites without tables are hence liked a lot by people who want better SEO outcomes for their website. This SEO factor also promotes the trend of table less website design and development.

Easy to Print Web Pages

Websites designed using tables pose certain limitations on designers as well as users. It requires developers to integrate another version of the same site that is printable by its users. Undoubtedly, it requires additional time and efforts to create a printable version. You can eliminate this problem by using table less design, which is printable.

Ease of Modification

As the trends keep changing, modifying a website in terms of graphics, images and fonts after a certain period of time is crucial. With a tabular structure, a designer may have to alter the entire structure of the website in order to incorporate even a minor change. But, a table less design allows making changes, no matter big or small, with simple modification of one CSS file.

Budget Friendly

With simple, clean design and simplified coding, a table less structure is easier to maintain the long run. As it doesn’t require much effort and time in implementing changes in the process of upgrading the website, table less layout offers much value than the tabular counterpart.

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On the whole, having a table less website offers many benefits. Whether dynamic or static website designing company, everyone gets high demands for table less structures.

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