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While every business owner pays immense attention to making an online presence, only few remain concerned about whether their website is running smoothly. Only a beautiful website is not enough to run an online business. Frequent checkups on the website are essential to find and fix what is not working appropriately. This is where website maintenance holds importance.Hiring professional website maintenance  can help to give your website the once over.A comprehensive checkup is the best way to determine what is not working and how to get it fixed.

Here’s what website maintenance helps to find out:

Traffic analysis

This gives some crucial insights into your website, such as:

  • How much time visitors spend on your website?
  • What page they leave your website from – home page or checkout page?
  • Where the large proportion of traffic coming from?
  • Which search engine your users are fond of?
  • Is there is traffic spike during any particular period of time?
  • Which keywords garner maximum attention?


Even if you are receiving a huge traffic, you won’t make any profit until you make significant sales. Keeping a track of conversion rate can improve sales and performance of your website. However, lots of traffic but little conversion indicates that there’s some missing link and users are not able to connect to the message and actual offerings on your website.

Some General Things  

Technical faults and other things which can affect quality of your website can fall under this category. Server issues, use of outdated technologies like CMS platform and other software tools, page speed issues and content can be analyzed to boost the performance of the website. Analysis of broken links, positive and negative reviews, most relevant phrases also falls into the scope of general maintenance.

A malfunctioned website can damage your reputation in the internet space; as a result you will keep losing your customers. Hiring website maintenance services in India by a zealous team like TecMaestro can turn out to be a savior by providing a competitive advantage over others. It will help you keep your business running smoothly all year around.

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