Like everything else, trends are visible in mobile app development as well. UI, being the visual part of this process, puts a significant emphasis on user behavior. Only a quick glance on the app can make users stay or leave. This is why it is crucial for designers to follow the trend in order to keep a track on user expectations and win their interest.

Undoubtedly, user expectation was big in 2017, which is going to rise further in 2018. Here are top Mobile UI design trends to watch out for this year:

  1. Personalized experience

Whether it’s about email-based communication or text messages, personalized is everywhere. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see viewers asking for a personalized experience in apps.

Users like the conversational interfaces with features like chatbots, but also expect some level on human like tendencies. With a keen eye on the interactive technologies, web companies can expect to win the trust of their customers.

Personalization can include features like:

  • Login memory features
  • Font and color adjustment features
  • In-app chat features

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  1. Clean visuals

Of course, there could be plenty of ways to make a product look awesome. However, one thing that can make a big impact is the content. A well-curated product offering easy access to its content is one thing that users desire. Therefore, the web community needs to pay attention to these details in order to enhance user engagement.

A fantastic interface with an assortment of features may be a complete waste if it is not able to allow easy accessibility to the content. Hence, unnecessary design clutter must be avoided.

  1. Innovative material design

Ever since its inception, Material Design has come a long way to improve the app market appearance. A concept by Google, it is all about better space usability.

In today’s world, it provides a flexible solution to offer light and dark backgrounds as well as skeuomorphism (a design principle in which cues are taken from the real world objects) in the mobile app design.

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  1. Interactivity through animations

An interactive interface pleases customers. Interactions through photos, icons, fonts or buttons of a mobile UI always leaves a lasting impact on application users. This trend made a mark in 2017 and will continue to woo customers in 2018 as well.

Microinteractions or small behavior or response from screen demonstrating how the app may be used keep users engaged and help determine their behavior. This trend will continue in further in 2018 which designers would follow to complete their app UI design.

  1. Intense color/font contrast

One of the most important mobile UI design trends include intense, contrasting colors and fonts to ensure readability. This could include fonts in different styles, sizes, and types to determine a sense of hierarchy effortlessly. Adding colors in different styles and intensity can help create sharp contrasts to make the interface vibrant and attractive.

  1. Voice-enabled interfaces

Voice activated apps are on rising and users want more of it. Instead of touching or typing buttons, users want their mobile apps to get activated by their voice. Mobile apps with voice ordering features are already creating waves and the trend will continue in 2018 as well.

Similarly, fingerprint-enabled apps are also playing a role in defining the mobile UI design trend.

  1. Blending trends

2018 is also expected to be a year for designers to mix the trends and show their creative skills. Overlapping effects, color gradients, animated interactions and voice searches – there could be many more elements to provide a better user experience.

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It can be said that mobile UI design trends are usually defined and changed to enhance user engagement. Users influence the trend and designers need to keep a watch on what actually keeps them engaged. With everything in mind, it would not be hard for designers to create interfaces for good user experience.

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