How Can Local SEO Services Help Boost Your Business

Local SEO Services, as the name suggests, is a targeted approach to promote your business online, among people in the area where your business is located. Using a variety of strategies like – getting your website rank on Google, business directories, business listing, online reviews and other strategies. Millions of people use local searches to find a variety of services in their area. Thus, Local SEO Services increases your chances of being found by these potential customers.

Here’s how local SEO Services help achieve your business objectives:

More and more local customers are using the internet to find services

Local customers are making use of the internet to search local businesses. These searches are coming from desktops as well as mobile devices.

Local searches are highly targeted and timely

Local searches are preferably used to find a specific business, product or service. Many people search by business name, but most of the internet users do not have a specific business name in consideration when they begin searching. By using local SEO, you can better position your business and appear in local search results when customers are looking for your type of business. And, it’s always better to connect with your customers when they really need you.

Highest rate of conversion through local advertising

Online directories display a business’ name, its address, contact number and additional details like business description. Local directories take the first page of many local search results. With your local SEO strategy comprising listing your company on a business directory, you can get better exposure and a higher conversion rate than other traditional advertising options. Just get your business accurately listed on as many high-quality directories as possible to get higher conversions.

Higher return on investment

Local SEO offers better exposure and chances of conversion than traditional advertising through local newspaper, direct mail, brochures, etc. Local SEO lets you reach your customers when they really need you, so it’s more impactful and result-oriented. Thus, you can expect a higher return on investment.

Better possibilities with mobile internet

More and more customers are using mobile phones and similar gadgets to find the best local business while on the go. The facility is also enjoyed by travelers when they are looking out for some local services in a different country. In today’s digitally obsessed world, mobile searches are more popular than desktop. With local SEO also targeting mobile users, it offers you an optimal opportunity to connect to your potential customers.

Google My Business Local Listing offers opportunities galore

Even with the intensive competition in the digital world, there’s a big opportunity for you with Google My Business Local Listing. Many businesses haven’t realized the importance of listing there. It’s FREE of cost and leaves the door open for your business to reach out to your target audience much before your competitors get wise-up.

Customers trust the online reviews

When you appear on top of local listing with positive reviews from most of your customers, half the battle is already won. Word of mouth is a major factor in the world of marketing that Local SEO Services offers you to take an advantage of. Ask trusted customers to leave a positive review about your business and get ready to attract many new customers.

Local SEO offers you an amazing opportunity to grow your business. As the local search is trending nowadays, it’s your turn to take advantage of the local search optimization and boost your business.

How to Improve Google PageSpeed Insight Score for Your Website

If you want to Google PageSpeed Insight/boost your website’s conversion rate, you have to think beyond improving the headline and the color of CTA button. A faster user-experience is all you need.

Google has revealed a connection between conversion rate and load time, making it clear that you may be losing a major proportion of your prospects to a slow landing page. Fortunately, there’s a tool that lets you determine what causes the lag – this is Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google’s Research on Page Speed

Clicking through 900,000 ads, researchers from Google found that the average mobile landing page takes approx. 22 seconds to load – more than 7 times than most of the impatient internet users will wait before leaving a page.

On an average, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 50% of the prospects leave before they actually see it. Further studies found that more visitors leave with each passing second, increasing the bounce rate.

Basically, heavier pages load slowly and lose more number of customers. Amount of text and number of images are noticeable elements that can make a web page heavy, other elements like JavaScript and redirects aren’t.

With Google PageSpeed Insights tool, you can find out exactly what causes a lag while loading a web page. This tool allows you to quickly and easily assess the speed of a web page. Enter the URL and hit Analyze to start the scan.

The tool measures the performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices. Thus, it fetches the URL twice – providing separate scores for mobile and desktop devices. The PageSpeed score range from 0 to 100 points and higher the score, the better.

The Google PageSpeed Insights tool gives score in three colors: if you see a lot of red and yellow, it means your page has some load issues. The tool will notify you of these issues. Green means your site has scored well.

Here’s a list of issues and their solution to obtain a higher Google PageSpeed Insight score:

Avoid landing page redirects. Optimize your site for mobile experience.

If your page is not responsive, there could be a number of redirects for pages designed for different devices. Each time a user has to be redirected, page rendering slows down, increasing the load time. Avoid redirects with a responsive design and you would be able to deliver quality user experience no matter what device your prospect uses.

Enable compression

Nowadays browsers are equipped to serve a smaller alternative version of web pages to the internet users. Compression can cause the webpages to shrink by up to 90%. Enable GZIP compression for your server and you can see the difference. It can be done by the technical team that manages your server’s settings.

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

“Minifying” here means eliminating unnecessary or redundant data without affecting the actual processing of a web page by the browser.

Poor coding may cause Google to tell us to minify CSS and JavaScript files. Programmers often leave a lot of comments, white spaces and characters. This can increase the size of JavaScript or CSS files.

Take help of some external resources to do that. Use:

  • CSSNano and csso to minify CSS
  • HTML minifier to minify HTML
  • UglifyJS2 and the Closure Compiler to minify JavaScript

Another option is to use Google’s AMP or AMP for Ads framework. These programs allow using the tripped down version of CSS, JavaScript and HTML, resulting in faster load time.

Optimize images

The PageSpeed Insights Tool suggests optimizing images by reducing their file size to load faster. Graphic components like product images, logo and favicons can comprise up to two-third of a web page. Thus, increasing the load time. Luckily, optimizing images is easy. Replacement of a PNG image with JPEG, using Google’s image compressor tools can help in reducing the image size, increasing page speed. Optimize all images before using them on your website.

Leverage browser caching

Multiple requests between a server and a browser take place before fully loading a page requested by a user. Hence, each one adds to the load time.

Caching is a simple way to allow browsers to “remember” certain elements like navigation, header, logo, etc. The more element a browser caches, the fewer elements it has to load upon receiving a user’s request, ultimately loading the page faster.

A minimum caching policy of one week is recommended, but for elements that largely go unchanged, one year is the preferable time.

Eliminate render blocking sources

If you get this error, then there might be some JavaScript that’s interfering with the loading process for above the fold portion of web page. Inline all CSS to help with the process. Autopmize plugin for WordPress should help with the process.

Conclusively, these important steps that you should take to increase the page speed score for your website. Aside from home page, also optimize internal pages for faster load time and higher page speed score.

5 Ways To Boost Engagement And Traffic On Your Website

Boost Engagement And Traffic On Your Website

There is no shortage of competition on the web that keep you locked in a fierce battle to gain the attention of the internet users. And, here lies the challenge. In the process, you need to focus beyond the staggering amount of competition. You can lose their attention in seconds. So, you have got just a few seconds to create an impression on them.

Your website is built with a purpose – may be to attract new clients, sell products or promote your products or services. It means whenever there’s a visitor on your site, there’s something that you would like them to do. But, if they leave your site without taking any action, you have lost an opportunity. That’s why simply focusing on increasing the traffic is not enough. How engaged your visitors are with your website or brand is the most important thing. Ask yourself if they are spending some time on your website to take your desired action? If no, then you need to work towards boosting visitor engagement on your website. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to convert.

Sharing a few ideas that might help you boost visitor engagement on your website:

Consider your audience

A lot is said and talked about the consumer behavior using the internet. Folks believe that minimalist design is what impresses them. Sites displaying many ads can complicate things and lead to an increase in bounce rate. So, what do you think – people want to see ads or not? They prefer a clean design or want a colorful interface?

A website featuring a minimalist design and one with a messy look can both enjoy good traffic. Because, people keep professionalism above all. A well-designed neat website and a well-designed cluttered website can both look great. Do your research, make wise selections and invest time, money and resources where it is important.

Create informative, engaging content

Of course, content is king, but you can’t simply focus on the volume. Content is important, but only when it is done right.  If you are creating content that users find helpful, you get a good start. Take a little time browsing through reliable resources to find what keeps users engaged. Good content with unambiguous title, useful tips, an opinion and tutorials attract comment and share. Easy to read content with headlines and subheadings is considered user-friendly. Furthermore, don’t ignore the images as it attract more views.

While creating the content also remember that it remains easy to read for search engines as well. Implement SEO tactics to increase your likelihood of ranking.

Collect right email addresses

If you want to make return customers, you need to reach out to them. Collect email addresses and communicate with your subscribers. It will help drive visitors back to your website and increase engagement. Consider adding an opt-in form to your website for subscribers.

Boost page speed

Page speed is now an official ranking factor to provide users with great experience using your website. Since users hate waiting for a website to open, Google gives preference to websites that load fast and has a good page speed. Your website should score well on PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop in order to rank well. So, if your website is slow, user engagement will suffer.

Pay attention to navigation for both mobile and desktop

A professionally designed website with well-structured navigation will help in increasing customer engagement. Think about customers’ convenience and you will surely be able to trigger more engagement and get more repeat customers.

Same also stands true for mobiles. As more and more people are using mobile to browse the internet and making online purchases, engagement through mobiles matter a lot. Easy to navigate and intuitive website manage to keep customers hooked.

Conclusively, you don’t need to work hard to boost customer engagement. But, apply a few simple ideas and your website will trigger higher engagement, boosting traffic and conversions. User-friendly, quick to load and easy to navigate websites win customers easily.

4 Ways To Reap The Benefits Of Ecommerce


With the buyers taking more interest in purchasing online, ecommerce market is expected to witness tremendous growth year after year. This means that online retailers have a lucrative opportunity to expand their business and grow with the constantly budding ecommerce market. In order to do so, online retailers needs to be on their A-game, focusing on their branding and other aspects like automation and customer service.

Discussed here are four points to keep in mind when evaluating and devising ecommerce marketing strategies and shipping aspects of your online business in order to gain additional revenue:

Focus on seamless branding

No matter what strategies you follow to persuade your customers take a prompt action, you should make sure brand elements – logos, links, social media and site links, etc. – are included in customer communication. You can offer free gifts with purchases, giveaways, discounts, coupon cards to impress customers, but make sure everything includes brand elements. These elements shouldn’t be confined to email marketing messages only, but should also be there in confirmation emails, shipment tracking emails, return requests, invoices and delivery emails.

Consistent efforts towards branding triggers awareness and recognition – which is required to gain new customers and retain the existing ones.

Conserve resources with automation

Ecommerce fetches orders from several marketplaces. Keeping these orders organized while using different shipping carriers can be a daunting process. Organization becomes easy when you put automated shipping software to work for your ecommerce needs. Bringing automation in order management and shipping can make things easier while reducing processing time and shipping costs. In addition to that, you can consider automating all repetitive tasks to increase accuracy and save time.

In fact, this is also one of the steps where you can cut cost and offer some discounts to your customers. Ecommerce software can help you reduce shipping fees. You can also make rate comparisons across various carrier services. Some retailers also use software to apply shipping methods to their domestic and international orders, and also to automatically insure orders and manage the return process. Thus, you can efficiently manage shipping and free up valuable resources to be invested on other crucial parts of the business.

Prioritize customer service

Things are different with online selling. Online retailers often find it difficult to win customers’ trust than an offline seller. Therefore, as an online retailer you have to spell out your return policy and other significant policies on your website. It makes it easier for the customers to find information that enables pre-sales trust and facilitates a seamless interaction with your customers. As ecommerce is the new trend, many online retailers take a step ahead by dedicating additional resources to respond promptly to any queries that customers may have. Whether put through Facebook, Twitter or online chat, queries when answered promptly builds customers trust on your brand, turning them into repeat customers.

Make returns easier

When it comes to online selling, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers when retailers provide them with customer-friendly return policies. Quick response to return requests and fast processing help retailers gain recognition. Loyalty and trust comes instantly when retailers supply return labels without any resistance and eliminate restocking fees. Return at no additional cost is the best win for retailers. When asked to pay for returns, you are more likely to lose loyal customers. Thus, make return as seamless and painless as possible.

When it comes to ecommerce management, efficiency and customer service takes the front seat along with product quality and discounted price. As an industry expert, TecMaestro offers consultation and guidance for setting up a successful ecommerce business and promoting it among the potential buyers.

Important Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Help Your Business Grow

With the evolution of modern technologies, businesses are busy doing everything they can do to keep up with the changing trend. The brick-and-mortar businesses are adopting to online schemes and those who are already selling online are striving to beef up their existing digital marketing strategies in an attempt to win over the very lucrative online marketplace. In the process, they rely on digital marketing services to exploit the available resources.

When it comes to attracting targeted audiences online, the digital marketing strategy spells a clear difference between a thriving company and a failed one. Even if your website receives a huge amount of traffic, they doesn’t amount to anything unless they convert to sales. In today’s digital arena where businesses are heading to make a strong online presence, effective digital marketing tools and techniques are what businesses need to survive the competition and achieve success.

Discussed here are top reasons why digital marketing practices are crucial to the growth of your business:

Digital Marketing Provides a Fair Platform

With digital marketing, small and medium businesses get a chance to compete and appeal to their share of targeted traffic. Thus, they get effective resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were initially available only to large organizations.

Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is highly cost-effective than traditional marketing. For small businesses with very little resources, digital marketing can be one of the most rewarding marketing channels that deliver results in quick time. In fact, digital practices cut down the cost of marketing practices while ensuring effective promotion of products and services among targeted audience.

Digital Marketing Practices Translate to Better Conversions

With digital marketing practices, businesses succeed to attract targeted traffic and measure success by the percentage of incoming traffic getting converted into subscribers, sales and leads. The campaigns and practices are streamlined towards conversion optimization. With SEO, SMM and SMO services, businesses can aim to generate quick results. For better results, entrepreneurs can consider hiring local SEO Company.

Digital Marketing Ensures Better Revenue

As it is already discussed that digital marketing services are aimed at conversion optimization, the techniques followed can deliver loads of benefits in terms of better business and higher revenue. Both small and medium enterprises using digital marketing strategies have better chances of expanding their business.

Direct Interaction with Targeted Audience

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social platforms like Facebook and Twitter where users gather in real-time to connect with each other. An online marketing company can help with the initiation of conversation with the social media users and help businesses get involved into a direct interaction with them. This engagement can provide entrepreneurs with an insight of what their targeted audiences want. Thus, a brand identity and reputation is also build.

Digital Marketing Also Targets Mobile Users

In the past few years, mobile phones have evolved tremendously. They have become an alternative to computers and laptops. People now use mobiles for surfing the internet and hence these devices play a major role in influencing their decision. Digital marketing practices involving mobile strategy can give companies better exposure in the market.

Digital marketing when based on proven strategies and techniques can result in attracting targeted traffic in less time at a lesser cost. Hiring an experienced digital marketing company like TecMaestro IT Services can deliver right kind of results, including higher ROI.