Static Web Design

When it comes to building a website, people usually think it as an expensive affair. However, it is not always the case. There are different types of websites, some of which, i.e. static websites are built at extremely lower costs.

A static website is the simplest form of website which can be built within a very small budget. It consists of a few static web pages, written in HTML. These pages can’t be modified or altered without technical expertise because any changes appear only after it is made in the source code. A static website only displays information that is written into the HTML.

There are certain advantages of using a static website. It is particularly helpful for the beginners who are planning to expand their wings in the digital marketplace. Static websites help small business make an online presence without making a significant investment. Building a static website consumes very less time and resources, hence provides business an opportunity to launch their brand online, very quickly.

In today’s digital world, having a website is a goodwill for a business. So, instead of investing a huge amount on a complicated website, it is wise to create the similar kind of effect through static websites. Businesses with a few products and services, which are easy to explain, can make good use of it.

Even though static websites are simple and cheaper, they look elegant and attractive like other websites. A professional static website design company can build a high-quality static website which can leave a lasting impression on the minds of web visitors. Static websites can offer many advantages:

  • Available at an affordable cost.
  • Can be built quite easily and quickly.
  • Very simple to create and host the website.
  • Great for businesses that do not need any administrative system.
  • Beneficial for small scale enterprises.
  • Design and development process is less time consuming.
  • Easy to optimize the website.
  • Can be designed with user-friendly features.
  • Design can be customized.
  • No particular maintenance needs.

The only bothering thing is that the static websites are not easier to maintain and update. A professional help is required each time a change has to be made to the website.

Static Brochure Website

Static brochure website is yet another impressive option for businesses. The term is derived from business sales brochures. It marks an online presence of businesses while allowing them to present pre-defined, static information to web visitors. A brochure website uses photos, texts, interactive menus and navigation to display information and product details. It provides a better way to present information while saving the cost of printing many brochures. Being cost-effective, it is widely demanded by business professionals.

For cost and other benefits, static web design services are highly demanded among businesses. It is cost-effective and proves beneficial for small businesses.

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