Top 5 Benefits of WordPress Web Development

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Many CMS and development platforms have come and gone, but WordPress has survived the competition and evolved to be one of the most prominent open source web development platforms for businesses. Companies, large and small, preferably choose WordPress as the content management system to develop a feature-rich, user-friendly and impressive website. If you are thinking of building a website, choose WordPress to make a smart choice.

There are many advantages of using WordPress. Here are top 5:

  1. SEO-friendly

Businesses are ready to splurge on the promotion of their website in order to attract target customers and web visitors. SEO or search engine optimization activities are an important part of promotions. As WordPress websites are SEO-friendly, they generate good traffic and rank better. Websites using WordPress have simple and constant codes, which are ideal for Google indexing. WordPress also allows customizing SEO components for each page to achieve better rankings.

  1. Cost-efficient

Gone are the days when web designing and development was considered a huge investment. WordPress web development has made the entire process extremely cost-effective. Not just this, but upkeep and maintenance has also become relatively cheaper. As you can update the content yourself without any technical expertise, you are able to save more.

  1. Responsive design

As people are using different devices to access the internet, you must be able to reach them through the devices they use. In fact, mobile traffic has surpassed the normal web traffic. So, having a responsive website that performs well across all devices is a must. WordPress offers the benefits of responsive design without additional expenses. Therefore, choosing WordPress saves you from the hassles while keeping you at the technology forefront.

  1. Anywhere and anytime access

Using WordPress as the content management system gives you a privilege to make desired changes to your website anywhere. All you need is an appropriate device with access to the internet. Add or update products or images and update as required.

  1. Add new features and functionalities with ease

Adding new features and functionalities to a traditional website can be a lot difficult, but not with WordPress. It offers plugins that you can install conveniently and quickly to get started in a few steps. Also, the WordPress community is highly active and the best practices are usually documented. So, chances are that you will get a better solution to add a new feature to your site without having to look here and there.

Aside from above mentioned benefits, WordPress also allows aggressive content marketing and social media integration for better exposure.

All you need is to find a reliable web development company in Delhi NCR to get started with WordPress. They have the technical expertise to make the most of what WordPress can offer.

How to create an engaging website? 5 points to consider

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Businesses operating online must have a website to attract and engage with their customers. However, most of the customers leave a website soon after the URL opens. Why? This is because they have a trust issue because of the website’s design. Therefore, your business website must be created to connect with your customers. A well-built website with a user-friendly interface, attractive and intuitive design is essential to trigger engagement and increase conversions. Choose insightful web design services to make it happen.

Here are five basic things that your graphic and website designer must take into account while designing an impressive website:

  1. Clean design

Digital world has embraced simplicity. Users do not want to spend their time understanding a design that seem alienated to them. Clear display of pictures, menu and call to action button trigger conversion.

Don’t confuse simple with boring – focus on essentials and use interesting graphics with bold use of colors to make it look appealing. You can also try to look a little funky, depending on the theme of your website.

  1. Easy navigation and clear call to action

If users find it easier to get around your website, they will spend more time browsing through products and finally making a purchase. While you might be tempted to do something unique and make suspense with the menu buttons, users may not like the idea and leave your website immediately. So, instead of testing their patience, make them feel comfortable when they land on your website.

Make sure the call to action remains highlighted on every page urging them to take an appropriate action.

  1. Speak more with less

Make optimal use of texts and graphics to not impose a feel of being cluttered. Explain your business with strong call to action and integrate a blog section to regular update your users about your business and website. Let the comments pouring in.

  1. Use easy to read fonts

Ditching dull and boring font doesn’t mean that you use one that users find difficult to read. Choose one that is visually balanced and appealing to leave an impression on your customers. You can also try to be playful with that if selling kids products.

  1. Use videos for demonstration

Whenever possible, make use of videos to demonstrate your products and services in an interesting way. Texts and graphics can be impactful, but videos are liked more by web visitors. Make sure your video plays across all devices smoothly. Also, provide options to share those videos on social media and video sites to trigger mass engagement.

While you pay attention to the visual part of your website, do not ignore the functional aspects of it. Hire quality services to develop responsive web pages in order to make it all device-friendly. It is crucial as most of the sales take place from smartphones and tablets. Also, use SEO friendly web design to rank well on Google and gain visibility.

5 key points to consider while looking for a PHP web Development Company

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The internet has offered many opportunities including the convenience of online businesses. However, it gives rise to new requirements like building and development of a website on the right platform. While designing creates the layout and interface of your website, development adds necessary functionalities that make a website operable. Therefore, you have to choose development services quite carefully.

Your customers spend a lot of time on your website and if your website impresses them in the first glance, half the battle is already won. An experienced PHP web development company can offer you the kind of result you require to attract customers online. With outstanding services and excellent customer support, they can be your savior by helping your business gain a competitive edge.

A PHP web development company can offer multitude of advantages:

  • First and foremost, they offer you the technology that makes a wise choice for multifarious online business
  • A clean language, PHP is compatible with different languages including HTML and CSS as well as several frameworks like Zend and Cake PHP
  • As it is open source, it can work seamlessly with editors like Eclipse and Net beans
  • Using various extensions and libraries can help expand the functionalities of your website
  • PHP can add functionality to diverse, dynamic visual applications

Hire an experienced and professional PHP development team if you want to leverage the benefits of PHP. Keep below mentioned points in your mind to find a team that can help you realize your dreams:

  1. A varied portfolio

Some agencies have experience working small corporations while some are expert at handling large scale and intricate projects. Depending on the nature of your project, choose one whole portfolio features the kind of services you are looking for. Better, if they are capable enough to work on projects of any level of complexity, on urgent basis.

  1. Fair and seamless communication

If you want to work with someone, you would want them to ensure an open conversation about their skills, knowledge, competency, and project developments (when hired). Talk to them about the communication channels used by then – when outsourcing or hiring a local agency. If they listen to you carefully and satisfy all your queries, you can make a decision.

  1. Technology proficiency

Try to understand the development process they follow, technology patterns they use in the entire project development lifecycle.

  1. Check reviews

Genuine feedback, reviews and testimonials are helpful in determining a company’s worth. Mostly positive reviews from past client can help you take an instant decision.

  1. Post development services

They might deliver you the website after analysis and testing, but there may remain some flaws. So, you will need after development support. What if you find your website having ambiguity? The company must be ready to help you with that by offering some flexibility for changes.

As you understand your requirements and know what to expect from a service provider, it is time to look around for the right PHP web development company. Make a list of the best names, compare services and cost to finally opt for the one that offers maximum benefits.

Five Key Ways IT Outsourcing has Evolved

Outsourcing in IT and software industry is more than a decade old. However, the practice has evolved considerably in the past few years, offering better business opportunities at a fraction of cost. Here Five Key Ways IT Outsourcing has Evolved.

A number of factors have contributed to this change, including: 

  • State of the art infrastructure, better tools and communication channels to promote global work sharing
  • Modifications in work processes and execution of tasks keeping in mind the early failures
  • The availability of better workforce with advance skills in technical, consulting and project management
  • Access to a wider range of geographies with unique cultures and technical specifications
  • Innovation leading to many new technologies that can be leveraged to meet customer demands and increase business value

With all these factors, outsourcing in IT industry has evolved in many ways. Presenting the most prominent ones here:

  1. Reducing barriers to communication and collaboration

Initially, communication was a major problem for geographically separated team working collaborative on IT projects. Sharing information and documents was very difficult and extremely pricy.

Now the availability of free instant messaging, video calls and conferencing solutions as well as collaboration tools like enterprise social networks make business a lot easier. Outsourced teams can collaborate and share details in real-time.

  1. Innovative technologies

The proliferation of internet access and explosion of new technologies like mobile technology, cloud computing and social networking have transformed IT outsourcing. Consequently, both IT companies and product-based organizations are in search for reliable tools to integrate the latest technologies to their business. Hence, they are exploring options globally for resources with skills and experience in both existing and new technologies.

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  1. Better work processes

Companies that succeed in attracting outsourcing partners pay considerable attention to continually enhancing work processes to reinforce the outsourcing relationship. In this process, they pay attention to strong communication, quality reviews and better productivity. They have also become sophisticated in their initial engagement process. They also have a well-defined strategy for work distribution for successful completion.

  1. Shift in focus from cheap to productive

While the initial years of outsourcing was based on the promises of cost savings and huge discounts, now businesses pay attention to better productivity. This is because cheaper deals caused poor productivity and higher communication overheads.

Now both clients and outsourcing firms have learn from failures and prefer staffing models for fixed price deliverables.

Clients have realized that cost is not the only aspect to look out for, but quality of services stands on top.

  1. Proliferation of outcome based engagements

Outsourcing now demands direct customer interaction, so businesses are not only paying attention to the communication technology but also measurable results. Businesses prefer outcome based models of outsourcing partnership and measure business value through key aspects like revenue generation, resource optimization and market penetration.

Outsourcing has undergone a huge transformation which has actually helped businesses to grow and succeed simultaneously both in terms of productivity and capitals.

Latest Responsive Frameworks in Trend

CSS frameworks are of great benefit to web designers. Most of these frameworks are available free of cost, downloadable from their respective websites. Using a responsive CSS framework in a design project can have multiple benefits – they are standard, time saving, bug-free design modules which make designing quite easier. Frameworks are great for both designers and web users as they help design user-friendly, intuitive, and effective websites effortlessly.

There are hundreds of frameworks available on the internet, but only a few of them are quite popular among web professionals. Based on the preferences of web designers and developers, a few of the popular CSS frameworks are enlisted here in no particular order:


One of the most widely used responsive CSS frameworks, Bootstrap is acknowledged for its awesome usability features. It offers a series of features and pre-styled components like labels, cards and badges as well as dropdown menus, image galleries, and much more.


Another option for designing responsive web pages, emails and applications is Foundation. It is known as one of the most advanced CSS frameworks being widely used in the web industry, especially by popular brands. Customization is also possible with this framework, which is also one of the reasons behind its popularity.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a professional front-end template for building fast, robust and responsive websites and apps. There is yet another advantage of using this framework – it includes important tools like Google Analytics and Placeholders in addition to other UI elements.

Material Framework

A simple CSS framework, offers excellent responsive features to the material designs perfect for webpages and other online applications. The Material design of Google is getting bigger and bigger every day with all kind of tutorials to help designers and developers to incorporate material design into their project.

Semantic UI

Semantic has grown tremendously in the past few years. Front end designers and developers are fond of this framework for its range of elements like dividers, loaders and buttons as well as popups, dropdowns, sticky boxes and breadcrumbs. Semantic is easy to use by newbies as well as advance level designers and developers. It is too easy to handle and will help add value to any designing or development project.


Clank is an open source framework which uses latest CSS techniques. It comes loaded with wonderful HTML and CSS components along with its own SCSS files. Clank allows complete website modification including changing every component color within a blink of eyes.

The list of frameworks available goes endless. The choice depends on the personal preferences of clients as well as designers and developers. It is better to choose one after a careful analysis of needs and the features offered by these frameworks.